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About us

Welcome to VSB London - a family-operated luxury brand specialising in crafting high-end designer cigar cases and contemporary accessories for the modern cigar aficionados. With a legacy of design expertise, a commitment to premium materials, and the touch of experienced hands, we create nothing but the up most quality products for discerning smokers around the world. Each of our products have been designed, developed and engineered with style and luxury engrained from the offset generating products which are argued to be one of the best in the industry .

At VSB London, our mission is clear:

Crafting Excellence: We are dedicated to producing the finest quality products that exude luxury and craftsmanship.

Exceptional Service: Our commitment to providing first-class service means your satisfaction is our top priority.

Global Style: We take pride in creating stylish designs that resonate with our customers all around the world.

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Our products are stocked and have featured in some of the following: