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5 Best Cigars for Weddings

With us now seeing the back of Covid and celebrations picking up to full capacity, one special occasion for couples which was severely hit by the pandemic was wedding. With numbers down to single figures at time, that special day was not always what the bride and groom had dreamed of. However, with the summer around the corner and wedding plans already in full swing, why not celebrate in style with a cigar. From groom’s men, to the father of the bride, a celebratory cigar will always go down well. But what should you smoke? If you are new to cigars or can’t decide what your guest may like, we’ve got you covered! We’ve down selected our top 5 cigars...

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Cigars, Spies and VSB Paintings - meet Gerald Wadsworth

After the online purchase of a Limited Edition VSB London Cuban Cigar Case, Gerald Wadsworth's kind message of appreciation for his leather case transformed a valued customer into something we would now call none other than a friend! After a regular exchange of messages, Gerald, (or now Gerry!) had shared his wonderful James Bond themed artwork with us and informed us that our Cuban Cigar Case was going to feature in his next creation - The Man with the Golden Gun. We caught up with Gerry to find out more!

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