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5 Best Cigars for Weddings

With us now seeing the back of Covid and celebrations picking up to full capacity, one special occasion for couples which was severely hit by the pandemic was wedding. With numbers down to single figures at time, that special day was not always what the bride and groom had dreamed of. However, with the summer around the corner and wedding plans already in full swing, why not celebrate in style with a cigar. From groom’s men, to the father of the bride, a celebratory cigar will always go down well. But what should you smoke? If you are new to cigars or can’t decide what your guest may like, we’ve got you covered! We’ve down selected our top 5 cigars which are perfect for weddings. Kick back, relax, light up and enjoy the special day!


1. Montecristo No.4 Cigar

With the best-selling cigar in the world, what could be a better way to celebrate your big day? The Montecristo No.4 Cigar is one of our all-time favourites, and for good reason! Its earthy taste and classic Montecristo flavour offers a smoke that's neither too heavy nor too light. As a result, novice cigar smokers as well as enthusiasts will find it an excellent choice.

2. Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cigar

A cigar inspired by one of the greatest love stories of all time would be an ideal cigar to celebrate the magic of love. Although we hope the bride and groom will not suffer the same fate as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, we hope they enjoy the taste of the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cigar.

Romeo y Julieta Churchill is packed with flavour just like this shorter version! The cigar has a consistent draw and flavours of cherry and vanilla, making it an excellent choice for cigar novices and connoisseurs. Maybe one for the bride and groom?

3. H. Upmann Half Corona Cigar

If you're an occasional or new smoker, you may not want to sit around and smoke a cigar for hours at a time when you could be busting your moves on the dance floor. With a length of 3 12 inches, the H. Upmann Half Corona is short and perfect for smoking during a break.

Despite its diminutive size, the H. Upmann Half Corona certainly packs a punch in terms of flavor. Smoking this Cuban cigar rewards you with plenty of creaminess, hints of coffee, and a great draw.

4. Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2 Cigar

It's impossible to beat a Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2. Hoyo De Monterrey No.2 is fruity, crisp, sweet with honey and lightly spiced. A great stick for first time smokers. The change in flavour as you work your way up the stick is distinct and a great talking point with guest. Whether you're in the great outdoors or if you have the luxury of smoking inside, this cigar is always a pleasure.

5. Partagas Series D No.4 Cigar 

The D No.4 Robusto is one of the top selling Havanas, strong and full bodied, exploring aromas of wood and spice in equal doses. This cigar is a great smoke for newbies however the more experienced smokers will most likely appreciate enjoy this more. Partagas is renowned for power and the Partagas D No.4 is full of the Partagas power. Maybe one for the not so feint hearted. This cigar at the end of the night with a dram of whisky will go down a treat.